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Ghana: Glowstar solar lamps light up adult literacy classes

Ghana's Ministry of Education has taken delivery of 15,000 Glowstar lanterns from Sollatek, specialists in solar power and voltage protection products.
The Glowstars will provide a vital light source for evening adult literacy classes in rural areas of Ghana without access to a reliable electricity supply.

Ghana has a population of around 22 million, three-quarters of whom live on less than US$2 a day, while over a quarter of adults cannot read and write.

Functional literacy has been recognised by the Ghanaian Ministry of Education as vitally important in alleviating poverty and promoting the country's socioeconomic growth.

Designed as a low-cost, reliable and ecologically friendly product, Glowstar is a portable solar lantern providing up to eight hours of bright light using a choice of three compact fluorescent lamps.

Glowstar's rugged plastic construction ensures that it is highly durable, as well as rain proof, dust proof and insect proof.

The unit's versatility is further enhanced by an auxiliary output providing 0.5A/12V which could be used to power a radio or charge a mobile phone.

According to Maan Allos, Sales and Marketing Director:
'In countries without a reliable electricity supply many people rely on kerosene lamps or candles to provide basic lighting, posing a potential fire hazard, or else expensive batteries.
Glowstar provides a safe, easy-to-use alternative with zero running costs - ideal for enabling activities, such as Ghana's adult literacy groups, which need to take place in the evenings after dark.'

Founded in 1983 to exploit the patented design for an Automatic Voltage Switcher, Sollatek (UK) Ltd is now one of the world's foremost makers of specialist products to protect electrical and electronic equipment.

Having become a major force in power protection products, particularly into low-income countries, Sollatek turned to the field of renewable energy.

Sollatek designs and produces solar power products and systems ranging from lights and batteries to complete turnkey solar energy systems for both domestic and commercial applications.

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News date: 20/10/2006

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