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Ghana Telecom goes solar

In the face of energy challenges, Ghana Telecom (GT) plans to use solar as the main source of power to drive the over 300 cell sites it operates in the country.
Most of the sites are powered either by conventional power, batteries or commercial generators.

At a press briefing on alternative energy, Dickson Oduro-Nyaning, GT's deputy CEO, said the conversion process would save the company millions of dollars in fuel and equipment. “GT is already using solar energy as the main source of power on the company's northern transmission repeater stations and cellular payphones,” Oduro-Nyaning said.

GT also announced the establishment of the Ghana Telecom University College Centre for the Study of Alternative Energy (CSAE), a collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara. The CSAE will offer both certificate and degree programmes in alternative energy.

"Considering the current energy challenges in Ghana, it becomes natural and vital that alternative energy sources be developed and utilised, especially in areas where there is no national grid," Oduro-Nyaning said.

He said the proposed programme would contribute to the development of much needed human resources for the country's alternative energy training. Professor Walter Kohn, winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize for chemistry, will help set up the centre.

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News date: 10/11/2006

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