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Kenya: interconnextion with South Africa

The new inter-regional power development initiatives will force Tanzania to get connected to the South African Power Pool beginning March next year. The pressure would come from Kenya which envisages to construct a power line to link Kenya and Tanzanian national grids through Arusha, so that it can buy electricity from South Africa Pool.
Tanzania daily, The Guardian, on Tuesday revealed that the project begins in March and was touted as part of the Government plans to reduce energy costs.
For Kenya to realise its dreams, Tanzania must, on its part improve its energy infrastructure, as well as become a beneficiary of the power interconnectivity initiative.
Kenyan media said the Government had secured Ksh85m for feasibility studies on a connection to the Ethiopian grid.
A Chinese company has reportedly been contracted to drill several wells to harness geothermal energy in Olkaria.
“We have arranged internal financing. The project will come on stream in 2009,” Mr. Nyoike, the energy ministry principal secretary, said.

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News date: 01/12/2006

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