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Rwanda: Saving Energy "One Lamp at a Time"

The Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure has begun to distribute 50,000 Compact Flourescent Lamps (CFLs) as part of the World Bank’s Urgent Electricity Rehabilitation Project.
The aim of the project, designed and developed by the World Bank’s Africa Energy unit (AFTEG) with technical support from ESMAP, is being implemented by the local electrical utility, Eletrogaz. The program is expected to save on energy costs, address power shortages, and improve the reliability of supply to consumers.

In total the program will distribute 400,000 free lamps to consumers this year through Electrogaz, the water and electricity utility. The first phase of the program covers the replacement of 200,000 incandescent lamps with CFLs and is expected to reduce peak load by 8 MW and offset the need for diesel-based power generation. This is expected to result in reductions of 50,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions.

“The bottom line is for us to be able to save enough power. With the energy saving lamps in use, Electrogaz will be able to reduce on load shedding, and surplus power saved in the process will be readily available for supply in case of power shortages,” said Rwandan State Minister for Energy and Communication, Eng. Albert Butare.

This initiative follows a similar CFL distribution project in Uganda where a total of 600,000 lamps are being distributed by the local utility UMEME through a program designed by the World Bank Africa Energy Unit with support from ESMAP under the Bank's Energy for Rural Transformation Project in Uganda.

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News date: 16/03/2007

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