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South Africa: Palm Power Systems with VentureSA to manufacture large wind turbines

Palm Power Systems, a subsidiary company of Okhela Renewable Energy Corporation (Orec) based in Nelspruit and represented by Jacob Mabena, Emery Glenn and Hans van Eeden, has entered into a joint agreement with VentureSA to manufacture large wind turbines.
Palmtree Power is a South African based company which designs wind energy solutions for unique energy needs.

Orec is pursuing opportunities in hydro, wind, solar, biomass, bio-fuels and ocean-wave energy in South Africa and parts of the African continent.

They have a subsidiary company for each sector focusing on and promoting the development of new technologies. Partnering with Electrical Machines Research Laboratory from the University of Stellenbosch, they have designed a state of the art 300kW wind turbine.

Facilities are planned for the production of these machines, which will start in the second half of next year, being envisaged at about 3 years ahead of international lead times. The first prototype will be finished next year.

The idea of renewable energy at home is no longer as distant wind farm.

Orec is the first to have a break-through result in using green energy for South Africa that can benefit the nation, where the demand for power is high but the local electricity distribution network is not available.

The advantages of these Palmtree wind turbines is the design that is based on the latest fourth generation wind turbine technology, boasting cost efficiency and low wind speed utilisation, efficiency, conversation ratio.

They have relative short production and installation lead times.

The locally build machines can be in production within 1 year in comparison to the 7-10 years of coal burning power stations.

They produce clean renewable energy and have an expected life span of 25-30 years.

Orec is going to help the African market by providing low-cost electricity, fuel and water.

They are also signing a deal with a South African based company to manufacture Solar Street lights and other Solar products, they have a prototype up at City Power Energy authority in Johannesburg.

Orec owns 45% of the company and will be renamed Okhela Solar System.

As is they are making 4000 litres a month of Bio Diesel in Boksburg, this is a huge leap for the economical growth of SA and all these companies are proudly South African and are manufacturing for SA and other African countries.

Due to the 5 years international production backlog for large wind turbines, the company plans to manufacture and install 800 machines over the next 5 years.

Combined these turbines have a rated capacity of 240MW with a monetary value of approximately R2.4bn. The Palmtree wind turbines will be sold to local and international markets.

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News date: 10/06/2007

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