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NEPAD Infrastructure mission in Central Africa

A joint mission of the African Development Bank NEPAD Division and the NEPAD Secretariat Infrastructure Unit has visited Libreville and Brazzaville at the invitation of the Central African Economic Community (ECCAS), for talks with ECCAS, the Central African Development Bank, the Central African Power Pool and the Central African Economic and Monetary Community.
The objective was to discuss the priority programmes of Central Africa in the transport and energy sectors and to determine how both NEPAD and the Bank can assist in mobilising resources.

In the transport sector 55 projects have been prioritised out of a potential list of more than 300.

The African Development Bank offered to finance a study to harmonise policies and to develop common standards for regional transport projects, using the NEPAD Infrastructure Preparation Facility (IPPF).

Funding was also offered for a study of the regulatory environment to facilitate private sector participation in transport projects.

Fourteen priority projects, including five cross-border projects, have been identified in the energy sector. The African Development Bank offered to use the NEPAD-IPPF to prepare the projects while the Central African Development Bank agreed to fund rehabilitation of the generating stations in the Central African Republic.

The mission was also briefed by the Central African Power Pool on the status of the electricity inter-connector project between Inga, Cabinda and Pointe Noir in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Congo-Brazzaville respectively.

The NEPAD Secretariat was represented on the mission by Reatile Mochebelele.

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News date: 05/10/2007

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