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South Africa: Solahart awarded SABS mark

Solahart is the first South African Solar Water Heating company to be awarded the SABS mark. The award follows the safety and performance test by SABS, as well as an Audit of Solahart's procedures and an inspection by the SABS of the factory in Australia.
The SABS award completes Solahart's collection of international quality marks, including the German, French, Japanese, Australian, United States and European KeyMark.

Jim Hickey, Solahart Managing Director, believes the award to be of great significance in the context of the exploding South African solar water heating market. He says,"In a market that will soon be flooded with new suppliers, we believe that quality will become a key decision area for the consumer".

Solar water heaters have been proven to reduce domestic electricity consumption by up to 40%. Solahart has been operating in South Africa for 25 years. The company is present in 80 countries, with more than one million solar water heating units installed worldwide.

In celebration of its 25th year in South Africa, Solahart recently tracked down one of the very first residential units it installed. The Solahart, which was installed in 1983 on a house in Johannesburg was still going strong and reliably producing hot showers and baths with energy free from the sun. Over the years the only work that was ever required was the routine replacement of the sacrificial anode, a device designed to avoid corrosion of the tank.

Solahart South Africa has installed in excess of 15 000 systems in Southern Africa since 1982, and there are over 1 million Solahart hot water systems installed worldwide.

Additional information: Web site SolaHart
News date: 01/10/2007

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