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Nigeria's first biofuel refinery to be constructed

Nigeria's first ethanol refinery will be constructed by Global Biofuels. At full capacity the refinery will produce 1.5 million litres of ethanol a day using sorghum as feedstock.
Plantations feeding the refinery will span seven Nigerian states, with further expansions being discussed. The refinery has been endorsed by The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC).

Global Biofuels CEO Felix Babatunde Obada disclosed that 30,000 hectares of land have been acquired to actualise the present phase of the project in Ondo State. Work will commence with initial cultivation of 50 hectares of land, to be upscaled to 300 hectares.

In June 2007 the government approved a national biofuels policy and incentives. A national workshop involving a wider range of stakeholders is being planned, and feasibility studies have been completed for five bioethanol projects at specific locations in three states. Feasibility studies on biodiesel are on-going and discussions are being held with potential investors to implement the project.

'The biofuels industry is becoming a reality in Nigeria,' MD of NNPC, Abubakar Yar'Adua, says. 'Developed economies such as the US and Europe are stepping up their target usage of biofuel and Nigeria must not be left out.'

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News date: 29/02/2008

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