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South Africa: new windfarm for East London

AltX-listed diversified industrial firm Safic, which is planning to change its name to Accentuate by April, is actively pursuing its wind-power generation ambitions, and could soon build a small pilot plant in East London.
Should the pilot plant, which was likely to generate 3,2 kV, prove a success, and feasibility studies confirmed this, the company’s board was keen to move ahead with a 3-MW plant, operations director of its subsidiary Floorworx Andy Halls said.

It was working with local Eveready subsidiary Kescrel on the pilot project.

Halls said that Safic could start work on this small plant, which would cost an estimated R150 000, within the next couple of months. First, however, it would need positive results from wind assessments of the area, which it expected in the next couple of weeks.

The bigger 3-MW plant would cost about R30-million if it bought new equipment and about R20-million if it bought second-hand technology, Safic CEO Fred Platt told journalists at a site visit at its East London-based Floorworx subsidiary.

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News date: 27/03/2008

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