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Uganda: Lake levels up but power cuts stay

The Lake Victoria water levels have risen but the amount of electricity produced at the Jinja-based hydropower complex will reduce further due to restricted water outflow.
Energy engineers familiar with the operations of Kiira and Nalubaale power stations disclosed that the rains had raised the water levels to 11.37m from 11.29m last month. But the Directorate of Water Development (DWD) is restricting water outflow.

"At this level, the agreed curve release rate is 800 cubic metres per second," a senior engineer explained.

"Increased power generation by Eskom depends on the release permit by DWD.

"The running permit for May and June, which has been already issued, is 800 cubic metres per second equivalent to a flat hourly average of 136 mega watts," he added. This stringent measure is likely to cause acute power shortages, experts have predicted.

Uganda requires 380MW of electricity to achieve the targeted 7% growth rate. The country's electricity supply is at 255MW, causing a deficit of 125MW.

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News date: 24/04/2008

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Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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