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SMEC wins new hydro contracts in Africa

Consulting firm SMEC has won contracts on multiple new hydro projects in Rwanda and Sudan
In Rwanda SMEC subsidiary, SMEC India, was awarded a contract by Angelique International of India for work on a 28MW scheme in Nyambarango. The company will undertake the civil works, balance of plant and transmission requirements of the project. SMEC will also provide consultancy services for the review of the detailed project report, preparation of technical specifications and detailed engineering and drawings.

In Sudan, SMEC has been contracted to undertake an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of three hydroelectric projects on the Nile River, North of Khartoum. SMEC will provide the Dams Implementation Unit of Presidency of the Republic of Sudan an ESIA report, a Resettlement Action Plan, and an Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan.

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News date: 13/02/2009

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