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Build mini-power projects in Uganda

MINI hydro-power stations that can be built in a year are the solution to the rampant load shedding in the country, an expert has said.
Helmut Erdmannsdorfer, the managing director of a German turbine-manufacturing firm, Ossberger, said this during a meeting at Sheraton Kampala Hotel on Monday.

Helmut said mini-hydro-power stations, which produce between 1KW and 1,000KW of power do not need dams to operate, but flowing water.

"These hydro-power stations can operate with small and fluctuating quantities of water. While the water levels may fluctuate, there is a constant supply of electricity," he said.

Helmut said power from the mini-power stations can supply rural areas to ease the high demand on the national electricity grid, which leads to power rationing.

He said the small power stations are good for rural areas because the turbines are easy to maintain.

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News date: 13/03/2005

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