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Ethanol refinery in Zimbabwe announced

The Zimbabwean government has launched plans for the construction of a sugarcane-to-ethanol refinery.
The plant, which will provide Zimbabwe with 80% of its ethanol needs, will be built on land currently owned by the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority in Chisumbanje and cost $600 million (€439.2 million) to construct.

In the first stages of production 40,000 hectares of land will be used to harvest sugar cane and convert it into 3.3 million gallons of ethanol every year. However a further 1,000 hectares of land will be used every month in order to cultivate the sugarcane.

Investment companies Rating Investment and Macdom Investments have joined the project, which is due to begin production in October of this year. Once complete the refinery will also supply power to Mutare and Manicaland.

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News date: 08/03/2010

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