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African Microhydro Knowledge Network launched

On 27-28 April 2005 representatives from 20 African governments gathered in Vienna, Austria to launch the African Microhydro Knowledge Network.
The event was convened by the United Nations Development Programme Global Environment Facility (UNDP-GEF), United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Institut d’Energie et de l’Environnement des Pays Francophones (IEFP), together with the African Development Bank (ADB), within the context of the review of the preparatory activities for the ‘First regional micro/minihydropower capacity development and investment projects in rural electricity access in Sub-Saharan Africa’.

While various prior capacity building initiatives in Africa have typically included knowledge management efforts, the above event is – perhaps – the first illustration of a capacity building and institutional strengthening initiative tied directly to a concrete investment activity on a regional scale across the African continent. And, because the linkage between the knowledge management activities and the basic rural electricity access infrastructure to be deployed appears quite unique, the interest and ownership displayed by the participating countries suggests that it might be fruitful to begin to learn from the lessons that emerge from this nascent African initiative.

Additional information: Full article as published in ESI Africa
News date: 30/08/2005

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Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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