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300,000 hectares of jatropha for Namibia

LL Biofuels Namibia is set to produce its own biodiesel after signing an agreement that will see the cultivation of jatropha on 300,000 hectares of land located in the north-eastern Caprivi Region, Namibia.
The 20-year deal between LL Biofuels and the Caprivi Regional Council and Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) allows the company to undertake various crop experiments on Katima Farm aimed at maximum output.

According to LL Biofuels’ agronomist and project manager Alon Vered the firm has already planted 400 different species of jatropha on a small portion of the 400-hectare farm to determine which varieties of jatropha offer the highest diesel yield and which would thrive in the region’s conditions.

If everything goes according to plan LL Biofuels expects the production of biodiesel to begin as early as next year.

It is expected that a 200-litre barrel will be sold for $75 (€59), making it cheaper than conventional diesel.

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News date: 06/05/2010

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