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Expression of Interest for Manica (Mozambique) bioenergy project

A newly established Mozambican agroindustrial company has issued a request for expressions of interest (EoI) from consulting engineering companies to carry out a study into a possible $330-million bioenergy and food project in the Southern African country's Manica province.
The developer, Envalor Lda, envisages a facility capable of producing 150-million litres of anhydrous fuel-grade ethanol, for export and domestic consumption. The company notes that the demand for ethanol as a vehicle fuel is growing and that the European Union alone could face a yearly ethanol deficit of up to 7,5-billion litres by 2020. The proposed plant would employ sugar cane as the primary feedstock and sweet sorghum as a secondary feedstock.

For a full overview of the project see the following PowerPoint presentation

The total project cost is estimated at around $330-million, but these cost assumptions require confirmation. The EoI invitation, which has been advertised in South African newspapers, is for engineering firms capable of completing a technical and economic evaluation of the conceptual design, which would be sufficient for the formulation of an engineering, procurement and construction bidding process. Such expression should be submitted by November 29, 2010, and qualifying consultants will receive a request for proposals.

Additional information: Full article at EngineeringNews
News date: 22/11/2010

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