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Solar water heater plant opens in East London (SA)

A R40million solar water heater manufacturer – with strong Taiwanese links – was launched at the East London Industrial Development Zone on Friday the 26th of November 2010.
Matla Solar Water Heating is the first renewable energy sector investor to locate in the IDZ, and the first fully integrated mass production manufacturing plant for both domestic and industrial solar water heaters in South Africa.

The facility is set to provide between 80 and 110 jobs within a year. The project is funded partly by Matla Thermal Holdings – a Taiwanese investment consortium led by Funland Industrial Co – and the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC).

The ECDC holds 15 percent equity in the firm, Matla Thermal Holding holds 53 percent and Funland Industrial Co 32percent.

The Funland Industrial consortium includes Funland Industrial Co, Tz-Jeng Energy Technology, and Ming Yang Solar Energy. They have been producing high pressure solar water heaters in Taiwan over the past 25 years, and will be sharing their expertise and knowledge in the industry at the IDZ facility.

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News date: 26/11/2010

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