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40 MW Biomass Gasification facility to benefit Ugandan coffee industry

U.S. based Taylor Biomass Energy has signed a collaboration agreement with Uganda 's Sesam Energetics Ltd. to construct a $160 million biomass gasification plant in Kampala, Uganda.
According to TBE, the plant will use its gasification technology to generate at least 40 MW of power, and recycle at least 1030 metric tons of municipal solid waste from Kampala per day, generating energy for over 35,000 homes.

The agreement has led to the creation of Taylor Biomass Energy Uganda, which will execute the project.

The launch of the project comes after the two companies secured all the necessary preliminary permits agreements and clearances from the relevant government of Uganda bodies including Uganda Investment Authority, and the Uganda Electricity Regulatory Authority.

TBE claims that the project will provide over 400 jobs and will save the environment about 3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, with an additional 1100 indirect jobs.

In the next six months, Taylor Biomass Energy Uganda hopes to conclude a power purchase agreement with the state-run Uganda Electricity Transmission Co., a waste management contract, and secure the necessary finances to begin constructing the recycling plant, according to the statement.

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News date: 10/02/2011

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