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CSP-electricity from Tunisia for Europe?

Tunisia plans to build up to 2 GW of solar power stations from which the electricity will be delivered to Italy via a new cable.
At the beginning of July, Abdelhamid Triki, Tunisia's Minister for Planning and International Cooperation, announced during a visit to Saudi Arabia that his country intends to invest up to US$2 billion in solar projects in order to generate electricity for Europe. For the transport, an undersea cable to Italy will be installed. One of the companies that could be involved is Nur Energie from London. Since 2008, the solar projecting company has been developing locations for CSP power stations in southern Tunisia. According to the company's COO Till Stenzel, the plans involve over a dozen tower power stations in the 100 MW class or above. Molten salt storage will allow electricity to be generated and fed into the grid continuously. Since April, Nur Energie has had an offer from the Italian grid operator Terna for the import of up to 2,000 MW of solar electricity from the Tunisian desert to Europe.

"This opens up the possibility for us to supply not only Italy, but also other countries in Europe" explains Stenzel. The company is currently negotiating with energy suppliers in Germany, Italy and Switzerland regarding purchase contracts for solar electricity. Securing long-term purchasers is not an easy task, but Nur Energie has not only developed the CSP locations, it has also looked into the technical feasibility of the high-capacity direct current cable intensively, and now wants to realize the project together with partners.

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News date: 13/07/2011

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