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ARE launches its Small Wind Campaign

As a cornerstone of its Small Wind Campaign, the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) has published a position paper 'The potential of small and medium wind energy in developing countries. A guide for energy sector decision-makers'.
The paper adresses the main bottlenecks and misconceptions about small-scale wind energy, and aims to help energy sector decision-makers in developing countries to integrate this technology in their energy choices for rural communities. It also includes case studies from China, Indonesia, Madagascar and Namibia.

'The fact is that decision-makers have a major influence not only in the expansion of small wind systems, but in its performance and safety. This guide identifies policy tools that national and local governments can implement to bring the benefits of small wind turbines to their communities' says Simon Rolland, ARE Secretary General.

During the Campaign, which will last one year, ARE will approach energy sector decision-makers in developing countries through several workshops, webinars and one-on-one meetings to assess their country’s or community’s energy needs, fill information gaps and share best-practices on small wind development.

Additional information: Full report
News date: 01/07/2012

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