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Zimbabwean REA to roll out 64 biogas digesters

The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has invited bids to roll out 64 institutional biogas digesters in the country's eight provinces as it moves to ease the load on the national energy grid.
REA is a subsidiary of the country's power utility, Zesa Holdings. According to the Government Gazette, prospective companies were expected to apply to REA as the country turn to biogas technology.

Zimbabwe is currently battling to meet energy requirements despite subdued performance of the key economic sectors, due to limited investment in the sector. The project is also expected to reduce deforestation in rural areas.

Turning to funding, REA said fiscal support of $1 million will be used to establish a revolving fund to act as a catalyst to kick start the wider adoption of biogas technology with beneficiaries expected to repay the loan over a period agreed upon by all stakeholders.

The bidding according to tender documents was open to companies and agents who were involved in the design, sizing, positioning and construction (installation) for institutional biogas digester systems and bidders should provide proof that they have been in the business of biogas digester technologies for at least and during the recent most two years.

Official figures showed that there were nearly 400 biogas digesters constructed in the country scattered in the rural areas. A few institutional digesters were built by some missionaries at Monte Casino in Macheke, Brunapeg in Plumtree and St Luke's Mission in Lupane in the late 1980's.

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News date: 24/07/2013

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