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Soitec supplies solar CPV system for microgrid project in Madagascar

Fondation Energies pour le Monde (Paris) has completed installation of a 2.28 kW Soitec concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) system, which combined with pre-existing wind turbines powers a microgrid for a small community on the island of Madagascar.
The project was supported by Soitec SA's (Bernin, France) Sunidarity Initiative, and will bring electricity to the community of Ambondro, near Ambovombe. The system includes a Plug&Sun CPV system on two trackers as well as battery storage, and is the first decentralized rural electrification project of its kind in Madagascar.

"The installation of a hybrid wind/solar system is a first, important step," states Fondation Energies pour le Monde Director Yves Maigne. "Within a year, we will have sufficient feedback to be able to evaluate the system's operation. That will help us decide on the use of Plug&Sun for eight other Malagasy villages already identified by our Foundation."

A Soitec technician assisted in assembling and commissioning the CPV systems at the site, as well as training local personnel in maintenance and servicing. The company's Sunidarity Initiative aims to provide power to areas which lack electricity, as a means to support social and economic development.

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News date: 15/10/2013

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