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UNIDO and ICSHP present the World Small Hydropower Development Report 2013

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has collaborated with the China-based International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) to produce the World Small Hydro Development Report 2013 (WSHPDR 2013) and to develop the first small hydropower knowledge portal providing a global assessment of small hydropower capacities and potential.
The World Small Hydro Development Report 2013 is based on the contribution of more than 60 different authors or organizations and is UNIDO's and ICSHP's flagship assessment on small hydropower.

"By publishing this report, our goal is to promote small hydropower development by identifying the world's small hydropower development status and its potential in different countries and regions by engaging with stakeholders to share information," said Diego Masera, Chief of UNIDO's Renewable Energy Unit.

Containing 20 regional overviews and 149 country-level reports, it is a world-first compilation of global small hydropower data, and is a crucial policy and investment guide for renewable energy provision through small hydropower.

"Small hydropower is one of the most suitable energy solutions for fostering inclusive sustainable development and industrialization. But much of the world's small hydropower potential remains untapped. So the first step to remedying the situation is through dissemination of reliable data," said LIU Heng, Director General of ICSHP.

The World Small Hydropower Development Report 2013 will be accessible via a user-friendly knowledge platform soon, where compiled information will be published and updated regularly. A compiled new edition of the report is planned regularly.

"To ensure the data and information provided by the report is up-to-date, UNIDO and ICSHP are collaborating with national institutions to facilitate continuous monitoring and collection of small hydropower data," added Diego Masera.

UNIDO and ICSHP are inviting potential partners to participate in extending the world's small hydropower knowledge data base.

Additional information: Full Executive Summary
News date: 30/10/2013

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