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Ugandan plants upgrade

In order to mitigate its shortage of power and meet the current demand, Uganda has identified a number of hydro power projects which are a priority for capacity increase.
These are: the Nalubaale dam, to be expanded from 180MW (10 units of 18MW) to 380MW (with Kiira power station producing 200MW); Bujagali hydro facility (up to 200MW); Karuma dam (from 100 to 200MW) and a number of smaller hydro power projects.

The new Kiira power plant located about 1km downstream from Nalubaale was inaugurated in 2000 and was targeted to meet additional power demands from Uganda's growing economy. The Kiira plant has three units of 40MW (totalling 120MW) with another 2 units of 40MW currently being installed.

Further downstream is the Bujagali (290MW) hydroelectric power scheme, which is currently being constructed and will open in 2009 at the earliest.

Currently, the country's power demand is greater than the supply with just 3-5% of the population having regular access to electricity and many towns not having any power supply, especially in the north.

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News date: 29/11/2005

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