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Concrete towers for Gouda windfarm: a first for South Africa

The 138 MW Gouda windfarm in the Drakenstein Municipality by ACCIONA and Aveng will is the first wind farm in South Africa using concrete towers.
Concrete towers have several advantages over conventional steel towers for wind turbine generators, most obvious being their impact on local economic development as opposed to steel towers which are typically imported. Less obvious but far more important is that taller towers can be constructed at reduced cost of energy, especially since the towers make up a significant proportion of the cost of capital (and thus cost of energy) of a windfarm.

Acciona Windpower is a forerunner with their patented certified concrete tower technology for up to 120 m hub heights. The towers are now being constructed as a first for Africa as part of the South African government's REIPPP which is being rolled out at present with 9000 MW earmarked from wind energy in the next 20 years. At 3 MW/turbine, this amounts to a significant number of tower support structures that could potentially be constructed out of concrete.

After having played a significant role in creating local awareness amongst all parties as to the impact in potential for concrete towers for SA's REIPPP, Concrete Growth is proud to do the Quality Management of the precast concrete tower segment manufacture for Acciona Windpower's first windfarm in Africa, the Gouda windfarm in the western Cape in South Africa.

Additional information: Concrete Growth
News date: 11/07/2014

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