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Expression of Interest: Wind Energy Applications in Eritrea

The Department of Energy (DoE), Ministry of Energy and Mines of the State of Eritrea, has commenced a Wind Energy Applications Project funded by the Government of Eritrea (GoE) and the UNDP/GEF.
Part of this project entails the supply, installation and commissioning of small wind turbines (3 kW to 30 kW capacities) for water pumping and rural electrification of seven villages in Eritrea, listed below, and also identified in the attached location map.

The DoE is therefore issuing this letter to invite companies, manufacturers, integrators, or joint ventures to e-mail or fax back the attached one page FORM to express your interest to bid for the entire project or part of the project as summarized below:

The project scope categorized by capacity is:
1. Three -30 kW Wind Turbines for Wind-Diesel Hybrid Operation - One 30 kW wind turbine will be installed in each of three villages namely Berasoli, Rahaita and Haleb, on the southern coast of Eritrea. All three villages are remote off-grid sites. These three villages will have the wind systems integrated with existing or planned diesel generator/s to provide hybrid wind-diesel systems. Each site will have a minimum of 80 kW in Diesel generator/s for base load and the wind turbines will be connected to the diesel generated system to offset the use of fuel. .
2. Two- 10 kW Stand Alone Wind Turbines - Two remote off-grid village sites require one 10 Kw stand-alone wind turbine each. The villages are Gizgiza in the northern part of Eritrea and Beilul in the southern coast.
3. One -5 kW Stand Alone Wind Turbine -One 5 kW wind turbine is to be installed in Gaharo, to supply electricity to a small remote off-grid village with less than 90 households. The houses are widely dispersed and not clustered.
4. Two -Wind Water Pumps - The village of Gaharo, a remote off-grid site located in the southern coast will require one 3 kW electrical wind water pump. The village of Dekemhare, in the central part of Eritrea will require a mechanical wind water pump that is approximately rated to an equivalent capacity of 3 kW.

The table below lists the desired type of renewable energy configuration for each village, the proposed size of wind generation required in kW, the number of households existing in each village, and the typical average annual wind speed in meters per second recorded for each village.

RE Type Village name Minimum wind generation kW
Number of households
Average annual wind speed
Wind-diesel Hybrids Berasoli 30 108 6.8 m/s

Rahaita 30 117 6.8 m/s

Heleb 30 200 7.3 m/s
Wind Stand alone Beilul 10 198 5.8 m/s

16 225 6.2 m/s

Gaharo 5
99 7.0 m/s
WindWaterPump Gaharo 3
99 7.0 m/s

Dekemhare 3
30 6.0 m/s
Interested bidders who respond to this Expression of Interest, will receive a bid package which includes detailed information on each of the village sites, and a request to supply us with your capabilities and capacities of the available wind turbines and the level of support that will be provided to implement the Eritrea Wind Energy Project.

Please respond to this request, by E-mail or Fax, to Eng. Abiy Ghebremedhin, National Project Manager for "Eritrea Wind Energy Project" within February 2006.
Eng. Abiy Ghebremedhin Desta
Project Manager
Eritrea Wind Energy Project
Ministry of Energy and Mines
P.D.Box 5285, Asmara, Eritrea
Tel.: 00291-1-127944 or 121541
Fax: 00291-1-127652
E-mail: abiywindp[at]

Accompanying files:
original letter of invitation
map of locations
reaction form

Additional information:
News date: 18/02/2006

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